Corporate Strategy Consulting

While we manage projects for enterprises, bosses/ executives often encounter different problems, including talent/money and resource relationships, profits, goals etc. Our solutions provide high-quality strategic advisory services, including resource s and solutions implementation.

Corporate Financing Projects

In the process of project development, sufficient funding could help smooth project development. Our partners provide many options for financing plans: selective and effective, comparatively lower cost, including bank financing, and Government funding, even include corporate fundraising and company listing.

Boss/executive with both talents/finance

The boss/executives are constantly racking their brains to expand the company's business and development. The purpose is to diversify the company, strengthen its strength, and achieve better performance and brand reputation for the company.

Business Strategy Enhancement

A high-quality business strategy not only improves the corporate brand and business, but also reduces costs and increases business competitiveness.

Sales & Marketing Strategies

With global business integration and fierce competitiveness, it is very important to create excellent marketing plans.

Corporate Branding Strategy

Excellent brands bring more loyal customers and higher profits to enterprises.

Online And Offline Comprehensive Media

Hong Kong, domestic and foreign media planning and purchase of media distribution companies and products to target consumers Understand consumers' consumption habits and preferences, and plan a complete set of online and offline promotion plans to directly meet the needs of target consumers.

PR Marketing Campaign

Marketing activities are most directly in contact with consumers' requirements and preferences, which can better develop the company's image and be more approachable to the people.

Creation And Production

An excellent creative concept is the core soul of an enterprise/product, directly penetrating and permeating the hearts of the target audience.