Bosses and executives will encounter different problems from time to time when developing projects, including talents, money, resource relationships, profit budgets, etc. Our corporate strategy consultants provide high-quality strategic direction suggestions, resource pooling and integration.

Information Technology

Project 1 : Consumer Relationship System

A high-quality customer relationship management system connects the operation and communication of different departments, and the operation process is simple and clear, which can greatly reduce the operating cost of the enterprise.

1) Overview Customer Profile
Centralized viewing of customer-related data to facilitate analysis and decision-making. Including business contracts, expenses, receipts, etc., foreign trade customers can directly issue electronic invoices (foreign invoices are not domestic tax invoices). Customer data is no longer scattered in emails, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc., and supports importing customer data in batches. From now on, customer data is accumulated to lay a solid foundation for business development.
2) Sales Opportunity Management
Sales opportunity (Lead) management can get quantitative sales basis. Since there is a CRM system to collect sales opportunities, follow-up filtering, refinement, and preliminary estimation of customers with high or low probability of closing can be carried out, and then those with high probability of closing are handed over to experienced salesmen to maximize benefits.
Project Management
Project management helps teams organize, track, and execute work within a project. Think of a project as some sort of set of tasks to accomplish a specific goal. Project management helps your team plan, manage and execute work to meet project requirements on time. With project management capabilities, your team can organize all work details in one place, share feedback and progress, and ultimately collaborate more efficiently.

Project 2: Digital Marketing Management

Digital Marketing Management System helps businesses save time and optimize profiles on social networks, intuitively plan, schedule posts and automate social media campaigns on social networks, the system monitors all social channels and measures and reports the performance of content, helping businesses gain Deep insights to expand your business’ reach, engagement and sales, drive business engagement with your target audience and build a community that loves your brand.

  •  Unified management of promotional content across multiple social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc…)
  • Supports regular sending of articles, suitable for processing content in advance and automatically sending it to various social platforms at the time
  • Support Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to automatically publish articles, and publish articles regularly. Content including photos, videos, attachments, links, texts, etc. can be sent to pages and groups
  • Supports selecting photos and videos from cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Support exporting Facebook profiles, page, friends, groups to Excel or PDF
  • Content support emoticons
  • Support proxy sending, especially useful for areas where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram cannot be accessed
  • Support statistical article information

Project 3 : SEO Search Engine Optimization

Social media cooperates with SEO technology, allowing potential consumers to receive relevant information about the company’s market situation, helping the company to increase sales and competitiveness.

1) Keyword Analysis
Based on search data, search engine recommendations and competitor analysis, help companies choose the most suitable and competitive keywords to improve their rankings.
2) On-Page SEO
Optimize over 50 website technologies using keyword distribution, page titles, descriptions, content, loading speed, site structure, URLs, and Sitemaps.