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The competition in the consumer market is fierce, and customers need to constantly innovate and improve the quality of their products and services to satisfy the consumer-led market. Customers invest expensive promotional expenses to enhance sales and brand building. Therefore, we need to understand customers’ consumption behavior and mentality, market trends, competitors…etc.

All-round advertising franchise and planning of positioning and strategies that are beneficial to customers and consumers, a deep understanding of the consumer market, and the close relationship between consumers and customers can achieve satisfactory results.

Orientation Correct , Target Reachable

IMC Company is the only consulting company that comprehensively assists customers in business promotion and brand development planning.
From strategy > planning > execution > implementation > goal attainment, all are executed by a team of experienced team members in marketing and advertising planning.
Including: Customer Service Department > Marketing Strategy Department > Media Department > Public Relations and Project Department > Creation and Production Department.
We are wholehearted, with over twenty years of market experience and relationships in business development. Regardless of cost-effectiveness, competitive solutions, quality management and efficiency improvement, we will strive for excellence and go all out for our customers. Your company is welcome to contact us at any time, the telephone number of the service department: (852) 2377 1219 or email

Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Market Strategy Concept
  • Development Product Distribution Channel
  • Development Product/Service
  • Situation Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis Market Research

Market Service

  • Promoters provide membership-based services
  • Direct mailing and distribution
  • Database services
  • Telemarketing services
  • Email/Telephone/SMS/Fax/Direct selling services
  • Product redemption Venue services

Media Service

(Hong Kong, China and Overseas)

  • Media Strategy (Electronic/Print/Outdoor/Online)
  • Budget Analysis and Allocation
  • Media planning
  • Media buys (with special discounts)

Online Marketing Management Service

  • Professional website design and production
  • Online Media Promotion Strategy
  • Social Media Promotion Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization Services

Public Relations Service (Enterprise and Product)

  • Corporate image and brand building
  • PR and Marketing Project Activities
  • Media Relations Management
  • News gathering service
  • Translation and Copywriting Services

Design and Production

  • Concept Creation / Image Positioning
  • Electronic media production and finished products
  • (Electronic/Print/Outdoor/Online)
  • Shooting and Photography
  • Artist and Model Selection
  • illustration design
  • Commercial shooting and production

Corporate Gift Customization

Corporate Gifts to Maintain Brand Image

Corporate brand is one of the important factors to maintain consumers’ love and love for the group and its brands. A corporate gift is an expression of the heart to customers and consumers.

SIS PRODUCTION COMPANY specializes in corporate gift services, and has set up a special factory in the country, with dedicated personnel to follow up, providing over a thousand types of gifts, and has long-term cooperative relationships with many large gift manufacturers at home and abroad, and is committed to providing high-quality and comprehensive enterprises for different organizations Customized solutions for gift services. From consultation, gift conception, gift selection and customization, packaging design, production, product inspection, logistics tracking, delivery and after-sales service, there are dedicated departments in charge, in order to provide customers with reasonable and high-quality gift services!

SIS PRODUCTION COMPANY has a professional gift planning and design team, listening to customers’ needs. Whether it is company souvenirs, promotional materials, advertising gifts, etc., we will provide a variety of gift information, combined with customer requirements, and wholeheartedly customize gifts that belong to the corporate brand for customers, helping you establish a good company image and make your brand more outstanding.

We believe that a unique gift customization is an important trend in brand promotion nowadays. We continue to discover new and unique products in the market for our customers and present them to customers in large-scale events or important festivals, which will have unexpected publicity effects. With our many years of experience in gift planning, we know the importance of gifts to the corporate image, so we strive to stand on the customer’s point of view, deepen the customer’s brand, and provide the most complete service.

Deepening the brand image into the hearts of customers is the concept we have been pursuing. In addition to building an external image for the corporate brand, gifts also convey the heart of the company. Concentrate what you want to express in an exquisite gift, presenting warmth and surprises in a special time. Nothing is more impressive than this kind of heart.

Customized gifts
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