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Ming Dong Magazine

Ming Don Purpose

Ming Don Purpose :Encourage and guide middle school students to be creative in creation, love education, creative ideas, health information, environmental protection and life education.

Publication Date :Bimonthly (January、March、May、July、September、November)
Circulation :20,000 Book (Free Distribution)
Distribution Channel :Directly sent to local secondary schools
Online Version :
Target Audience :Secondary school students, Teachers, Parents of students and College students
If you have any enquiry, please contact : Carol Hui
Phone Number: (852) 2377 1219   Mobile :  (852) 6688 3849     

Booking SizeMaterial Size(W x H)Color 4C
Full Page210mm x 296mm$12,000
Half Page Vertical105mm x 296mm$9,000
Half Page Horizontal210mm x 148mm$9,000
Inside Front Cover210mm x 296mm$18,000
Inside Back Cover210mm x 296mm$15,000

Booking and Submission Deadline: 7 working days before publication
Inside paper 90 gsm book paper
Draft Size – 300 dpi (per square inch)
File Formats – Illustrator (AI), PDF, Tiff.